Book A Showflat Visit For Avenue South Residence Condo

There are many people who see the images of the properties online and buy the property. Not all sites are reliable and hence it is essential to go for a showflat visit before collecting the keys of your new condo. The townships that are under construction provide a showflat visit of the same floor plan that you have registered for. The showflat gives you an exact idea about the area and layout of your future home and with this, it will be easier for you to decide whether you should buy it or not. If you are considering buying a new condominium then you can book Avenue South Residence Showflat visit.

However, whenever you go for a showflat visit, you should be asking a couple of questions to the broker or builder to ensure that everything’s good and exactly the same in your actual condo.

Some important points that you should be focusing on the showflat visit of Avenue South Residence:

Layout – the layout of the condo or any property can vary according to the square foot area and position of the room.  So, it is the most important thing that you should look before purchasing your desirable condo unit. You should also make sure that there is no confusion in the space layout of the condo unit. Also, make sure to get the exact copy of the floor plan of your desired unit.

Price – you should always remember to ask about the price of the condo unit. Although the price of the Avenue South Residence is relatively low that will easily fit in your budget there are some condos that might be priced high due to their amenities. So, you should explain the broker beforehand about your budget. You should also ask for the total expense list of the condominium which you will be paying after shifting in it; it includes association fund, maintenance funds, and other things.  

Facilities and amenities – if you want to get a superior quality living experience then not only interior but outdoor facilities also matter a lot. Avenue South Residence provides all the facilities and amenities for making someone’s life amazing and comfortable. You should check the map of the township to have a better understanding of the amenities offered. The map will clearly list the areas like recreational facility, gym, swimming pool, kid’s play area, etc.

Bathrooms – most of the showflat bathroom’s include a luxurious spa look but you should ask your builder or broker about the actual facilities that will be provided in the condo unit. Fittings like shower, toilet and bathroom taps are some common things that you should look for in the design of the bathrooms. If the bathroom does not have any window then you should check if there is an exhaust fan for proper ventilation or not.

Material – Flooring of showflats are polished and made with perfection. As a buyer, you should always clarify which kind of material is used in the flooring of your condo unit and what are its pros and cons. You should also ask about the material which is used for kitchen countertops so that you get the best that is easy to clean.