Scary Things That Can Happen When You Lose Your Phone

People in this generation are very dependent on their phones.  If your smartphone gets misplaced, then there are only fifty percent chances to get it back. However, there are full chances of retrieving valuable information like private apps and info contained in your phone unethically.

In this article, we are going to share you with some risks of losing your smartphone and the list of tasks that would help you to protect yourself from it.

What do statistics reveal about accessing information from lost phone?

Out of all those who found smartphones of people, 72 percent of them tried to access pictures, 57 percent of them attempted to open a file named “Saved Passwords”. 43 percent of them even open an application called “E-Banking.”

Though most of those applications were password protected, but they were using auto-fill password and username utility, that assisted others to simply press the login button to get access to them. 66 percent of people were found to attempt to login to the website and start the program. is one of the popular manufactures of software solutions that helps you locate your lost phone free of cost.

Also, the person would want to get access to common applications like Gmail, Facebook app and Twitter that most of the people tend to remain signed in by default so that you can access them quickly.

There was only half of the total percentage of people who got the phones tried to make contact to the owner. Such unethical access causes a lot of risks to the owner of the phone. It is very important to learn about these risks and take proactive measures to protect yourself from such mishappenings.

Tips to protect yourself

We are presenting you a few tips that will definitely reduce the risks associated with losing your phone. 

  • Setup a security solution
    • Add security to the smartphone. For Google Android phone users, apps such as Android Lost will equip you with remote identification and wipe ability to make a new password and then lock your SIM card slot.
    • Apple iPhone users can setup iCloud to find and remotely delete your iPhone.
    • MS Windows Phone users can log in at to find their smartphone with GPS service. Now with this feature, you can wipe all the phone data, lock the phone and show a message, or modify their password.
  • Enable a screen lock or password

A distinct and simple PIN or password will offer you a good balance between ease and security to access your phone. You can opt for pattern lock feature, face recognition, fingerprint lock, digit pattern to ensure that no one except you would be able to access your phone.

  • Log out of applications

You need to log out of the apps, in order to ensure that nobody is able to get free and unauthorized access to those.


So, having understood the scary consequences of losing your smartphone, you should definitely implement these tips to secure your smartphone and prevent such attacks in the future.