Various Applications Of Body Figurines In Different Industries

Animation and comic industries are somewhat similar to one another in many ways. Both have complex character designs and have to capture unrealistic imaginations into their work. This is why animators and comic book artists rely on body kun figurine to make the best works they possibly can. Apart from these two areas, photography and fashion designing often use these figurines to create better results.

Uses of figurines in the comic industry

The comic industry is adored by the young generations as it portrays impossible action sequences very easily and flawlessly. The artists behind the creation of the action sequences and character use figurine models to create a consistency in their drawings, they make different poses out of the figurines so that they can have a reference while drawing that scene. They can be turned into any way that the artists can imagine. This is why over the top actions are created by using high-quality figurines. It is also easy to trace them on a digital drawing and accurately depict the angle of light hitting the object, exposure and a lot of technical aspects. This enables them to create perfect drawing according to the demand of a scene and brings consistency to the overall art theme of the comics.

Figurines in Animation

In a lot of ways, the use of figurine in comics is the same as their use in this area. Animators have to create a lot of moving characters which is extremely tough to do with humans. This is why they use figurine models to capture their images in different frames so that they can tweak various aspects like white balance, light source, angle of light hitting the object, etc. All this data is stored for future references while creating the character. They then take the figurine as a reference and with the help of data they have collected. They trace the character over the figurines to create a character. They create multiple frames using it and merge them to create a proper scene.  

Figurines in the world of fashion designing

Fashion designing industry is heavily reliant on figurines for designs as it is impossible to have a human model at all times in the design phase. As the human body has a lot of different shapes and sizes, designers avail special figurines made according to a pre-specified size. The designers use these as a reference to the actual body of a human and design the dresses accordingly. As figurines can be bent into different postures of the human body, it allows the designers to test out the usability and endurance of their designs easily.

Uses of figurines in photography

Photography has become one of the most beloved professions in the world as every year photographer works hard to capture a stunning image. A lot of expert photographers believe that using figurines in a closed environment and different lighting conditions can help beginners in sharpening their photography skills. The best thing about figurines is their adaptability in different situations. They can be bent into any pose for long durations which allows photographers to assess the scene and understand the perfect height and angle and other technical aspects like shutter speed, white balance, saturation, etc. to take the images.