Detect And Resolve The Gas Leakage Issue From The Compressor?

Ductless mini split AC is considered as the best option to maintain the temperature of the house whether you want it cold or warm. You can install the best mini split system in your home to get the superior performance of cooling as well as a stylish look. These kinds of Air Conditioners give you absolute cooling at a very low rate of energy consumption. They are not only for cooling but they can also regulate the temperature of the home in colder seasons with their efficient heating system.

Just like any other appliance, it also needs regular maintenance. Since these air conditioners are constantly vibrating when they are switched on so there is a possibility of loosening or damage of the parts. These vibrations and other disturbances in the unit eventually lead to leakage of the gas.

How to repair your ductless mini spilt ac?

When your air conditioning unit is not cooling properly, the first thing that you should check is if there is any gas leak from the compressor. If the gas is leaking then it will reduce the amount of cooling because the gas acts as the coolant and when it is leaking then obviously the AC will lose its cooling capabilities.

In case of leakage, you should first locate the spot from where the gas is leaking. If it is not visible with naked eyes then you can use a gas leakage detector. After finding the exact spot, you have to repair it before it causes more damage.

Before starting the fixing process, make sure to remove the entire refrigerant from the unit by connecting the refrigerant pump to the unit. These pumps may need different connection procedures and inputs according to the different models so check the instruction guide once. 

Fixing the leakages in different places:

If the gas is leaking from the valve then check if it is properly attached. Take it out and clean it thoroughly so that if there is any dirt or smudge which is causing the seal to get loose is removed. Even if after doing this, the gas is still leaking then you may have to change the valve. If the leakage is in the tubing then you will need soldering equipment. You have to solder the place from where the gas is leaking. You can use a high-temperature soldering torch with the silver content to repair the tubing of the unit. If the damage is too large to be soldered then you might have to cut out. Replace that part with a new piece and join it by soldering.

When you are all done with fixing the leakages then add new coolant in the refrigerant. A common mistake that most people make is that they add a large amount of coolant to get better cooling which is completely wrong. Adding more coolant won’t cool more instead hinder the performance of the unit, so add only that much amount of coolant as instructed by the manufacturer in the instruction unit.