Top 5 Romantic Getaways For Couples In Italy

Italy is undoubtedly the best romantic getaway in the whole world and nothing stands strong in front of this country when it comes to places where you can spend some calm and romantic time with your partner. If it has been a long time that you both have gone for a romantic trip then you can surprise your partner with the tickets to Italy. 

You can visit the site of Citytripinfo to get all kinds of information regarding the best travel destinations, hotels, local eateries, etc. However, Rome and Venice are the most visited places in Italy but this romantic country has many more places to explore with your partner. Here are a few places that you can visit in your next holidays:  


It covers the central region of Italy and it will be sad if you skip this beautiful city. It is recommended by many travelers as you can visit many places in Tuscany that are covered by high green hills, authentic vineyards and various kinds of trees in the woodland. If you are going to Tuscany then you should mark some places like Chianti for vineyards, San Gimignano for enjoying the soothing view of hills and nature, Florence and Pienza for experiencing the renaissance, medieval architecture and romanticism.

Almafi Coast

It is a 30miles stretched coast in southern Italy and a must visit place as here you can get quaint houses, alleys, view of shimmering bays, light and cool winds with a complete blend of romantic culture. You can eat some popular Italian dishes in the plaza limes on the coast and roam around in the Alamfi city. You also visit Ravello where you can see some beautiful architecture work on villas and gardens.


It is one of the wealthiest cities of Italy famous for its fashion trends and most popular designer brand stores. You can get to see the most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, and many more treasures like La Scala Opera House, largest Gothic Church, etc. which makes it the most dominant cities of the country with the historical aspect. After major reconstruction work, this city shines like a diamond.

Island of Capri

Island of Capri is situated a few miles apart from the edge of Sorrento peninsula. This beautiful little piece of land is famous for its beautiful evenings and eye soothing sunrises. You can take a ferry to explore the island and spend some romantic moments with your partner. This island is covered with the natural scent of flowers and trees, so you will love being here.

Cinque Terre 

 It is another romantic getaway of Italy which consists of five villages situated at the northwest coast. This can be a perfect getaway for you two as the beautiful pathways and coastal sceneries here still have an authentic and classic look of the early 18th century. You can go for long walks, roam in old train tunnels and anywhere you want to go as this place is the heart of romantic experiences everywhere.