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Replace fat with muscle – the key to success. It is a time consuming process, but creating your own program will make things happen.

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Cardio will help you burn the fat siting on the muscles. It redefines muscles and shows those veins. It also keeps your heart in perfect condition. Low impact cardio involves rowing machines, steppers or cross trainers. Give yourself plenty of time for it.

1,000 Meter Shuttle Run

Four Days Every Week

Pro Tips

Doing exercises right is the most important thing in the process. Instead of doing 10 reps ruining the exercise, you should do five reps with the optimal moves. This idea makes your progress faster and more constant in the long run.

Increase Bench Press

Some New Tips To Increase Your Bench Press

Workout Programs

Once you are done with the dumbbell hang clean exercise, opt for dumbbell squats and work on hamstrings, glutes and quads. Another dumbbell hang clean exercise can go as you finish the workout – push it to exhaustion for a proper burning sensation.

The 5 High Intensity Workouts

High-intensity Hurricane Workouts

Gaining Muscle

Muscle building is a process that involves a sweet type of pain. Opt for a progressive circuit that gets harder and harder as you advance. Start with basic exercises like clean dumbbell hanging and push it out to the next level.

The Progressive Dumbbell

45 Minutes Daily

Exercising Classes

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Gaining Bodyweight




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Defining Your Abs




Unique Workouts


Your Very

Own Plan


No matter what your goals and expectations are, choosing the right plan will bring in a highly customized workout program that will help you reach there.


Muscle & Strength

$50/ month

Whether you are after extra strength, endurance or some extra size to your body, this workout will be perfect for your needs.


Fitness Program

$60/ month

Our fitness program will help you get toned and reshape your body, without looking too muscular or masculine – ideal for women.


Full Workout Plan

$79/ month

Legs are the most stressed parts of the body. Strengthen your legs and your whole body will benefit from this massive upgrade.

What Our Clients Say

Learn from Other’s Experiences

Mark Boyle
Fitness Expert

Fitness is not really about outdoing others, but about being stronger and better than yesterday.

Mary Gomez
Fitness Expert

Hitting the weights will only help you grow as much as you want to – highly recommended to everyone.

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